TOTeM is a collaborative research project (with Edinburgh College of Art acting as the lead partner). The TOTeM project uses ‘tagging’ technologies such as RFID to allow personal memories to be associated with objects. As well as offering a platform for preserving social memory, the project represents a framework that allows greater understanding between communities and also generations. Through this event we want to achieve a greater understanding of how diverse members of the public view the use of RFID.   This will help inform the language and focus of our research. www.talesofthings.com and www.youtotem.com

NO2ID Edinburgh is one of many local groups across the UK campaigning against the introduction of compulsory ID cards and a National Identity Register. NO2ID has no principled objections to RFID technology as such, but it does have concerns that certain uses of this technology by private companies and government may risk invading people’s privacy. www.no2id-scotland.net/edinburgh/

Edinburgh Beltane have kindly funded the event on the 1oth May. The Beacons for Public Engagement project launched in 2008, funded by the UK Higher Education Funding Councils, Research Councils UK and the Wellcome Trust. The Edinburgh Beltane is one of six UK-wide Beacons for Public Engagement, and we are the largest partnership. Led by the University of Edinburgh, we bring together expertise from all the Higher Education Institutions in Edinburgh, plus the UHI Millennium Institute and 13 other public, policy, engagement and research organisations. www.edinburghbeltane.net/

The event will be facilitated by Wendy Faulkner.


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