Tagging Technology – is the future bright?

An invitation to think about where this technology might go and about its implications

10 May 2010, 1-5 pm at ‘Inspace’, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB

Are you worried about tagging technologies or excited about future possible applications? Or do you simply want to find out more about the technology and/or possible implications? Whether you are someone who might benefit from tagging technology or want to find effective ways to protect privacy with the technology or are involved in developing new applications or just plain interested – we invite you to participate in a public event on the subject on Monday 10 May in Edinburgh.

The event will take the form of an interactive workshop, and include a technical demonstration of one type of tagging technology, called RFID, plus a film about possible  dangers associated with it. This is an opportunity not only to find out more about the technology and consider what wider implications there may be; it is also a rare opportunity to shape the technology in some modest way – by contributing to the debate about possible problems and to opening up ideas about possible future developments.

The event is free, but places are limited so if you would like to attend please email or tel: 0131 221 6187


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